What is BtcBalance?

BtcBalance is a service which you can use to store your Bitcoin addresses to view their current balance and total received balance. You can add up to 50 addresses to your account and make as many accounts as you want. So if you're at school or work for instance and don't have access to your Bitcoin wallet, then you can add your addresses to your BtcBalance account and view their status.
You will not have to fill in anything but your address, it automatically parses the data from the blockchain.info API. BtcBalance is also connected to the Bitstamp API which shows you what all addresses on your BtcBalance account are worth in euros and dollars. You can use this service any time you want, without having to pay a single dime.

Why BtcBalance?

I struggled a lot with the fact that you cannot view your addresses and their balances easily. If you want a overview you needed your wallet.dat file to access your Bitcoin client to check your balance. And maybe like me you also have multiple wallets, which makes it even harder to get that overview.

You could also fill in a single address into blockexplorer.com or blockchain.info and check whats up. But I find this very inconvenient since I had about 20 addresses that I used. Now I give the Bitcoin community this service to easily check addresses out at a glance.

Is it safe?

Saying your password is 100% save and uncrackable within the platform would make me a liar. Though, your password is hashed a couple of times with a random set of one-way hashing methods and saved into our database. When you register, your IP is hashed (with SHA512) and saved into a temp database table (which is by the way not connected to your address list) to prevent spam registering.
What's also important to note is that the BtcBalance database is worthless since it contains data that is not worth a penny. This is because the information about a Bitcoin address can be retrieved from the network itself by anyone. And to preserve the anonymity Bitcoin offers, you can not directly register with a nickname. You will login with a login code instead of a nickname, which makes you pretty much anonymous. Do you feel uncomfortable to login with a login code you cannot remember, then you can always add a additional nickname to login with.

Wait a second..

I know something that would make BtcBalance even cooler!
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